Creating and managing teams

Swarmia team management gives you full control of your teams, and a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing who belong to teams.

Note! Team management was improved recently, please see this article for details about the transition.

Creating teams

Teams don't appear on Swarmia before they are created. You can create new teams by navigating to team settings. This gives you full control of the teams you see on Swarmia, and who belongs to these teams.

Defining team members

You have three options when it comes to managing the team memberships:

  1. GitHub users — Manage all team members individually on Swarmia
  2. GitHub teams — Manage team memberships via GitHub teams by adding one (or more) GitHub team
  3. Hybrid — Define team members by a mix of individual members and GitHub teams

You can rely on GitHub teams to automatically keep your teams up-to-date when GitHub teams are updated. GitHub also provides an API to manage the teams, which can be used to automate team management on Swarmia.


Deleting teams

Teams can be deleted from the team settings. This is done by first editing the team, and selecting "Delete".