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Time to deploy

Time to deploy is the average time between a pull request merge and deployment.


Time to deploy is one of the DORA metrics, key to understanding the health of a team’s deployment infrastructure. Measures the time it takes from pull request merge to deployment. Part of change lead time.


If you merge a pull request at 2:10pm and it's deployed by 2:34pm, the time to deploy is 24 minutes.

Why it matters

Time to deploy helps measure how long it takes to deploy a release into a development, testing or production environment. Measuring this metric can help improve deployment and delivery methods, processes and tools.

Useful for understanding, how much delay your current deployment process is causing in your deployment process.

How to use it

If you have a high time to deploy or have seen a recent increase, having a discussion with your team to understand the root cause behind this can help unlock key areas for improvement in your delivery. 

Where to find it

You can find time to deploy (as well as the other DORA metrics) under Insights  → Code → Deployments.