Improve the relevance of pull request metrics

Exclude old and stale PRs from all Swarmia metrics to get a quick start towards continuous improvement

Old open pull requests can make pull request cycle time metrics difficult to interpret. Excluding pull requests provides you the option to hide old and stale pull requests in Swarmia. This is especially useful for you to start focusing on improving ways of working when adopting Swarmia without letting the burden of the past get in your way.

If your team has pull requests with no activity since the last 30 days Swarmia prompts you the option to exclude them in bulk on the Pull Request view.

Note that this features doesn't do anything to pull requests on GitHub, and you can continue working on excluded pull requests at any time.


We recommend starting with the bulk exclusion, as you can include any excluded pull requests back into metrics later, if you so

Exclude individual pull requests

Not all irrelevant pull requests are more than 30 days old. To give you the flexibility of configuration, we allow excluding any individual pull request from your metrics.