Do you support Single Sign-On (SSO) / SAML?

Many organizations use tools like Okta, Active Directory, or Google Workspace to manage users. Swarmia supports Single Sign-On through Okta and secure login through GitHub.

To set up Okta SSO, follow these instructions.

If your organization isn't using Okta, you can log in to the product using GitHub login. This allows us to avoid security hurdles with self-managed passwords and use an identity provider that your organization already trusts.

The typical Single Sign-On features work through the GitHub authentication:

  1. You'll be able to get access to Swarmia when you have access to the relevant GitHub organization, so you don't need to create Swarmia user accounts for each employee.
  2. When an account is disabled from your SSO provider, if you've configured it to be deleted from GitHub, the change will also propagate to Swarmia automatically.

Please note that enabling Single Sign-On through Okta disables the GitHub login method for all users.