Generate deployments from merged pull requests

The simplest proxy for deployments is to assume a merged pull request is immediately deployed.

Tracking how often a team deploys, and the quality of these deploys, is often not a trivial task. It's difficult to get a perfect solution right away, and often it's better to aim for an 80% solution as the first step.

Swarmia automatically sets you up with deployment data, using Pull Request merges as the best guess of tracking deployments. When you connect your data, we create up to three application sources to generate the deployments to get you started.

Please note that PR merge based deployments are only supported if you directly merge to the selected deploy branch. If you have automation that initiates deploys without pull requests based on a single branch, then you need to use GitHub checks or the Deployments API to inform Swarmia about deployments.

We backfill deployment data for the past 90 days.


Deployment Insights can use Pull Request merges as the input data.

  1. Start by creating an application and giving it a name
  2. Select "Pull request merge creates a deploy" as the Deployment source.
  3. Select the repository and branch which most accurately proxy your production deployment events.
  4. Confirm the amount of deployment data to be created, and Save