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Team notifications

Team notifications establish important feedback loops for engineering teams.

Teams can configure review reminders and regular digests to be sent to their specified Slack channel. These notifications improve the team's understanding of their work and process and provide feedback loops to stick to their working agreements and create lasting habits.

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Daily digest

Sent to your team's channel once a day, Swarmia's daily digest shows pull requests, issues, and working agreements that require your team's action, keeping the noise level to a minimum.

Navigate to Settings → Team → Notifications to set up a daily reminder for your team's channel. Choose what Slack channel to send it to, as well as time and timezone of your daily stand-up. The message is delivered 5 minutes before the daily time.



Issue summaries

Issue summaries let teams celebrate success when they complete work. They also help teams improve the quality of plannings and retrospectives.

When complete a larger issue (an issue that includes child issues), you'll get a notification to your team's Slack channel.

What's included in the summary?

  • Issue cycle time. If you have a working agreement around cycle time, the summary includes a comparison against your target.
  • Scope creep: child issues added while the issue was in progress.
  • Child issue that took longest to complete, and avg. completion time
  • Contributions: people who have linked coding contributors to the issue


Enabling issue summaries

Go to Settings → Team → Notifications, select your team and make sure you have the right Slack channel selected. We recommend using your team's main channel for issue summaries and other important, infrequent Swarmia updates.

Team review reminders

If your team has a practice of requesting reviews from your GitHub team rather than some specific contributor, the team review reminders is a perfect tool to make sure that the reviews are getting noticed and merged.

By enabling this feature for your team in Swarmia, you'll get notified in the selected channel whenever a review is request from your GitHub team. When someone picks up and completes the review the notification in the channel is crossed over.