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Subscribing to Swarmia

You can select a paid plan directly in Swarmia

How do I choose a paid plan?

As an admin of your organization in Swarmia, you can subscribe to Swarmia in Settings.

How are monthly plans different from annual plans?

Monthly plans are billed upfront each month, while annual plans are billed for the next 12 months. Annual plans offer a discount compared to equivalent monthly plans.

How can I change or cancel my plan?

As an admin, you can manage your organization’s subscription in Settings. If your organization has a separate agreement with Swarmia, you should contact sales with requests or questions about your subscription.

Upgrading a plan immediately leads to a prorated bill for your remaining billing cycle. Downgrading a plan immediately leads to a credit for your remaining billing cycle. Subsequent cycles will be billed according to the upgraded plan.

How many seats do I need?

The number of billable seats is calculated as the number of unique team members added to teams in Swarmia. You can find your organization’s number of unique team members in Settings.

How can I manage my number of seats in Swarmia?

Admins can manage team members added to Swarmia in Settings.

When are changes in seats reflected in my bill?

Added seats will be billed from the next month onwards. You will receive a notification email at least 14 days before additional charges are incurred so you can remove team members you don’t want to include in your subscription. If you have an annual subscription, new seats are billed for months remaining in your billing cycle. Removed seats will be reflected in your next billing period.

Why was I enrolled in a free trial?

You are automatically enrolled in a free trial if your GitHub organization includes 10 or more members. This allows you to try out Swarmia’s standard plan with your full organization before subscribing. If you would like to continue using Swarmia’s free plan, you can reduce team members to 9 or fewer in Settings.