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Slack notifications

Get timely personal and team reminders from Swarmia

Close the loop and create better habits

Just having visibility into the engineering process doesn't drive change. Swarmia notifications help teams and individuals establish better habits by providing feedback helpful loops and personal nudges.

Notifications are one of the primary ways developers interact with Swarmia. The Swarmia bot integrates into the developer workflow, and provides timely, relevant notifications. The notifications minimize context switch, and avoid having "yet another UI" to integrate into the everyday workflow. That's why 8 out of 10 developers use Swarmia with notifications enabled.

What you can do with Swarmia notifications

Team notifications establish important feedback loops for engineering teams:

  • The daily digest is a pulse to engineering teams. It makes the team's work visible, and provides visibility to the team's working agreements.
  • Review notifications help teams review any pull requests assigned to them
  • Issue summaries help teams celebrate completed work. They also help teams surface problems with planning and scoping, in order to keep issue cycle time under control.

Personal notifications integrate with daily developer workflows to decrease context switch and increase productivity:

  • Review notifications help developers review each other's work faster
  • Personal nudges help you stay aligned with your team working agreements
  • Get quick access to review discussions on GitHub — you can even reply via Slack
  • Notifications for CI failures help you notice failing test runs or builds faster

Getting started

To get started with notifications, first ensure you have connected Slack for your Swarmia organization.

After this, you can proceed to configure the team reminders on the same page, and configure the settings for personal notifications.