🔔 Slack Notifications

Get timely personal & team reminders from Swarmia

Personal Reminders

We know how easily notifications can become noisy. Swarmia's bot sends you a direct message only when there's an action required in your Github workflow.

Navigate to Settings → Personal settings to connect your Slack account to Swarmia. Once connected, the bot will be able to send you direct messages with the following updates:

  • Pull Request review requests

  • Pull Request approval & comments

  • Failed CI builds

  • Once a Pull Request is merged, the bot helps you to link it to a relevant Jira issue

Daily Digest

Sent to your team's channel once a day, Swarmia's daily digest shows pull requests, issues, and working agreements that require your team's action, keeping the noise level to a minimum.

Navigate to Settings → Slack to set up a daily reminder for your team's channel. Choose what Slack channel to send it to, as well as time and timezone of your daily stand-up. The message is delivered 5 minutes before the daily time.