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Swarmia 101

What we integrate with, and how we use the data

What is Swarmia?

It's difficult to get a facts-based understanding of the strength and well-being of product development teams. Swarmia enables continuous improvement and helps teams deliver faster by connecting GitHub activities with Jira or Linear workflows in actionable analytics, and uses Slack to interact with teams and keep the data accurate.

What data we access, and how

Swarmia works with GitHub, Jira, Linear, and Slack. To provide you with accurate and up-to-date visibility, Swarmia collects the following data through its integrations.

From GitHub, Swarmia collects metadata about organizations, repositories, teams, users, pull requests, issues, commits, test runs, deployments, and other activities. From source code, we collect file names and sizes of changes in commits. We do not store your source code.

From Jira and Linear, Swarmia collects metadata about your organizations, users, projects, issues, issue events, and comments.

From Slack, Swarmia collects metadata about your teams, users, and channels. We do not store Slack messages unless the Swarmia bot posted them, or if they were sent to the bot directly.

Additionally, Swarmia stores the link between your user account, e-mail address, and your accounts on GitHub, Jira, Linear, and Slack.

Setup practicalities

To ensure a smooth integration, we recommend setting up and validating one integration at a time, beginning with GitHub.

GitHub integration

Before beginning, ensure that the team configuration in GitHub reflects your actual organization. Setup is initiated by adding the Swarmia app to GitHub and selecting the desired active repositories. Use caution if working with sensitive repositories requiring access control, as Swarmia provides all users within your organization with read access to all integrated repositories.

After GitHub integration is completed, we recommend to check that your GitHub teams and contributors are correctly setup in Swarmia settings. To attribute data to the correct contributors, we automatically detect duplicate contributors and provide merge suggestions.

Jira integration

Our team will help your Jira admin to connect Swarmia with Jira by following a straightforward manual setup process. After Swarmia is connected to your Jira organization, the Swarmia admin can map Jira workflow statuses, Team and Epic fields, and Team projects and issue types in Swarmia settings.

Linear integration

To connect Linear and Swarmia, email us at hello@swarmia.com and we'll send you further instructions.

Slack integration

Slack integration is managed in Swarmia settings. After connecting Swarmia with your Slack workspace, daily reminders for teams can be enabled by selecting the respective channels and times. We recommend configuring reminders together with teams during their onboarding. Each individual Swarmia user can connect their personal Slack accounts to receive important notifications about Pull Requests as direct messages.

We're here for you

The Swarmia team is committed to a great onboarding experience and will assist you throughout the  process. If you or your team have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through chat in the app, or through e-mail at hello@swarmia.com.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy (https://www.swarmia.com/privacy/) and our Terms and Conditions (https://www.swarmia.com/terms/).