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Setting up Jira Cloud Integration

How to connect your Jira Cloud instance to Swarmia?

With the Jira integration, you'll be able to see your commits and Pull Requests in the context of your Jira issues.

Connecting the Jira instance needs to be done only once. Issue types need to be mapped for each team.

Using on-premise Jira (Jira Server or Jira Data Center) instead of Jira Cloud? We've got you covered.

Connecting the Jira Cloud instance

Step 1: Install the Swarmia app

Once installed, you need to click the Configure link in pop up

In app's configuration, you need to click Finish installation, after this, the page should show "Swarmia is connected to your Jira site".
⚠️ Note: Some browser security features might block you from finishing the installation. If you are logged in but still see a warning to log in, please check that ad-blockers or tracking protection systems (eg. on Firefox or Safari) are not blocking a request to swarmia.com.
You can also access the configuration page by navigating to Jira settings > Apps > Manage apps

Step 2: Configure Jira integration

After completing the first step, you can continue to manage issue mapping