October 2022: Team management update

Team management on Swarmia is being simplified. This will take place as a transition starting Monday, October 17.

What's the timeline?

  • October 17 (Monday) — The ability to hide teams on Swarmia will be removed, and hidden teams will not be visible any more. Some team management functionality will be temporarily disabled.
  • October 21 — Instead of Swarmia teams and GitHub teams there are just teams. GitHub teams can be used as a data source to define team members (include all users in GitHub team X), but all teams on Swarmia need to be explicitly created and defined.
  • October 26 — New teams will no longer be automatically created based on GitHub teams. Instead, teams are created manually.
  • In November (migration date TBD) — Irrelevant teams will be deleted (teams that are not used or don't have any configuration). We'll communicate separately about this change, and it'll be easy to re-create teams after this data cleanup.

What's changing?

  • GitHub teams no longer automatically result in a team visible on Swarmia
    • Starting Oct 26, teams need to be explicitly created on Swarmia
    • Teams can't be hidden anymore — irrelevant teams can be deleted instead
  • You can use one or more GitHub teams as a data source for multiple teams — this is in addition to adding users to team individually

What are the benefits of this change?

  • Teams that you see on Swarmia will be more relevant
  • You have full control of teams, and you can choose how the team memberships are updated
  • You can continue to automate team membership management by using GitHub teams to determine the team members
  • Team management is easier to understand and use