Linear integration

This guide walks you through the steps to connect Swarmia with your Linear workspace.

With the Linear integration, you'll be able to see your commits and Pull Requests in the context of your Linear issues and projects.

  • Connecting the Linear workspace needs to be done only once
  • You can map the Linear teams (and their issues) to teams on Swarmia
  • We automatically map the issue statuses on Swarmia based on the Linear statuses

Step 1: Connecting Linear

We ask you to connect Linear when connecting your GitHub organization to Swarmia. You can also do this later from Settings > Integrations.

The integration is simple: we ask you to authenticate your Linear workspace, and proceed to synchronize the data and create webhooks to keep everything up to date.

Step 2: Configuring teams

To ensure we get the right issues for each team, we ask you to map the Linear team (or teams) to the teams on Swarmia. This is done on the settings page for the Linear integration.

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