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Jira Issue Mapping

Mapping Jira workflows and issue types to Swarmia

No two teams are the same, so Swarmia supports various Jira issue types and custom workflows. To get a useful visualization of work grouped by issues in the Work Log, you must map your Jira workflow and issue types in Settings.

Mapping the Jira Workflow

Your team can have a complex Jira workflow with custom statuses. Swarmia groups work into three general statuses: To Do, In Progress, and Done. Map your Jira workflow by following these instructions.

⚠️ Note: Jira workflow mapping applies to the whole organization.

  1. For each status (To Do, In Progress, Done), select the corresponding workflow states in your Jira configuration

If you use Jira fields to assign issues to teams, or to assign issues to Epics, you can also configure these fields on the Organization tab.

Mapping Jira Projects and Issue Types

Many teams use a number of custom Jira projects and issue types to keep track of their work. Swarmia groups work into four general types:

  • Epics are large bodies of work like projects from the roadmap that can span long timeframes and typically involve multiple teams

  • Stories are smaller bodies of work that usually add a direct customer value like a new feature and are important for the team to stay on top of

  • Tasks are planned technical or administrative work that do not directly add customer value but are still important for the team to track and accomplish

  • Bugs are usually unplanned work that result from defects in production or other unexpected outcomes that must be addressed and tracked

Map your Jira projects and issues to Swarmia by following these instructions.

  1. Find the team whose activity you are interested in, and click Assign (or if the team has already been configured, click Edit)

  2. Add all types of work you're interested in tracking by clicking the corresponding plus-buttons

  3. For each type of work, create a filter to reflect your Jira configuration by selecting one or more Projects and Issue Types, and optionally a Team Id that reflects the Jira issues you expect to see for each type of work. If you add multiple Projects and Issue Types, they will all map to the same type of work in Swarmia.

  4. Hit Save and enjoy the up-to-date Work Log grouped by the types of work you've just configured

Example project and issue type mapping for a team