How we show your survey responses

Ratings are reported by team. Your name will be shown with your comments.

You need to be logged in to respond to a survey in Swarmia. We link your responses to your Swarmia profile and handle the information confidentially according to our Privacy Policy. The survey administrators can see only the information described in this article. They'll have an option to share the results with the rest of your organization.

How we report ratings

We report ratings in aggregate by team. We don't disclose which rating each individual has given.

aggregates by team

Each response is linked to only one team. If you're a member of multiple teams in the survey's audience, you can choose your primary team when starting the survey.


In some cases, such as very small teams, inferring identities from team aggregates might be possible.

If your team is part of a higher-level team, you can choose to record your response to it (as long as the survey creator has included it in the audience).

You can skip individual questions if you don't feel comfortable answering them.

How we report comments

Comments are a way to contribute your improvement ideas related to the survey's themes. We report who made each comment to foster more open and actionable discussion.

Your name will be shown with the comment

We'll soon allow you to comment anonymously. Stay tuned!