How do I link Pull Requests to Issues in practice?

If you want to use the Work log view with Issue Tracker items, you need to link PRs to items. This is not much extra work and there are multiple ways to do it.

  1. Start the Branch name in GitHub with the respective Issue Tracker ticket key (e.g. CLOUD-123-foo) or use it after a slash (e.g. myname/bug/CLOUD-123-foo)
  2. Include the ticket key in the Pull Request title (e.g. Foobar [CLOUD-123])
  3. Include the ticket key URL (e.g. in the Pull Request description
  4. Find the Pull Request from the list and select the respective item from the dropdown in the Pull Request view —> Do it in Swarmia
  5. After merging the Pull Request, select the respective issue tracker item from the dropdown in the message sent by the Slack Bot (available for users who have integrated their Slack accounts, read more here) —> Do it with our automated Slack bot