How do I account for people leaving my organization?

You can keep the past contributions of people by adding them back to the relevant teams. This only affects how data is shown, it won't re-grant them access to Swarmia.

When a contributor leaves your organization (due to changing jobs, for example), your exit process usually includes removing them from any GitHub teams and organizations they were part of. If your Swarmia teams are based on GitHub teams, this will have the undesired effect of no longer attributing their past contributions to the team they used to be part of.

Swarmia allows you to keep their contributions visible after their exit, by manually adding them back to any teams they used to be part of. You can do this by searching for their exact GitHub username in the team management dialog:

This will restore their historical contributions to match their team membership at the time of their exit.

This only affects the way metrics are attributed to teams in Swarmia. It will not grant this contributor access to Swarmia. Only GitHub users who belong to your GitHub organization are allowed access.