Getting Started as a Team Lead

7 easy steps for getting started in Swarmia as a Team Lead

  1. Create your Team
    1. We leverage your contributors and teams from GitHub that allow us to make Team Creation and Management super easy for you! Watch this short video on how to create your team.
  2. Enable Slack Daily Digests
    1. Daily Digests are a customer favorite feature and provide timely updates to your team. You can enable these for your team by connecting to a public or private slack channel. This short video explains how to get this set up. 
  3. Confirm Personal Settings 
    1. Now that you have your team created, you'll want to go into your Personal Settings and update your Primary Team. We use this field to default the views in Swarmia to the team you selected.
      You also would have seen in the video shared above about Slack that we provide Personal Slack notifications as well. Don't forget to update your preferences for these notifications in your Personal Settings.  
  4. Map Issue Tracker to your Swarmia Team
    1. Jira Users - Watch this short tutorial on how to map your Jira Issues to your Swarmia Team.
    2. Linear Users - Watch this short tutorial on how to map your Linear Team to your Swarmia Team.
  5. Auto-Exclude Rules for PRs if team specific
    1. If your team would like to set up a rule to auto-exclude Pull Requests from your data that is specific to your team, watch this short video on how to set this up. 
  6. Watch Product Tour Video
    1. New to Swarmia? Check out this awesome Product Tour that will give you a high-level view of how to use the tool as well as some key features. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your CSM!
  7. Check Out these Help Center Articles
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