Connect your Slack workspace with Swarmia

Swarmia's Slack notifications help your software team speed up code reviews, improve data quality, and stay up to date on work-in-progress.

Why should I install the Swarmia app for Slack?

Swarmia app for Slack allows you to subscribe to different types of useful notifications:

Daily digests on you team channel

Daily digests on your team’s Slack channel help you catch up on all the work that’s going on in your team. It’s also the fastest way to catch PRs that are stuck in review limbo.


Issue completion notifications on your team channel

Whenever you complete a story, Swarmia will recap it for you on your team's Slack channel. This way, you can celebrate the small wins and learn from each completed story.

Read and reply to comments on your GitHub pull requests in Slack

Swarmia allows you to read and reply to PR comments and change requests directly in Slack. This is especially useful on mobile and when you're addressing smaller comments.

PR review request notifications also include the number of lines changed so you can quickly estimate how long it'll take to complete the review.


CI failure notifications

Swarmia automatically alerts you about failed CI checks for your PRs. No need to fiddle with manual and brittle configurations.

Swarmia only sends CI failure notifications after you've requested a review. This way, you won't get unnecessary notifications about failed CI checks when your PR is either a draft or still in progress.


Link pull requests to issues without leaving Slack

Whenever you merge a pull request that isn't automatically linked to a story in your issue tracker, Swarmia will ask you to categorize the PR. All it takes is one click.

How to get started


You must meet the following prerequisites to use the Swarmia app for Slack.

  • You have a Free, Lite, Standard, or Enterprise plan of Swarmia. In practice, you have installed Swarmia from the GitHub marketplace (find further instructions from the Get Started guide).
  • You have a Slack workspace and channel for your organization. You must be a Slack workspace administrator, or have permission to add apps to that Slack workspace. For more information, see the Slack Help Center.

How to authorize your Slack workspace for the Swarmia app

  1. Sign in to the Swarmia app and go to Slack settings.
  2. On the Slack settings page, click Connect to Slack
  3. If you're not already signed in to Slack, on the Sign in to your workspace page, enter your workspace name, and then choose Continue.

  4. On the Swarmia is requesting permission to access the your-workspace-name Slack workspace page, choose Allow.

    If you can't allow Slack to access your workspace, make sure that you have permissions from your Slack administrator to add the Swarmia app to the workspace.

  5. On Slack settings page, you'll now see Connected to Swarmia text. 

How to configure your Slack notifications from Swarmia

  1. To configure team notifications to your team's Slack channel, open Swarmia and navigate to Settings → Team → Notifications
  2. To configure personal Slack notifications from Swarmia, open Swarmia and navigate to Settings → Personal → Notifications

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