Authorize a Slack workspace


You must meet the following prerequisites to use the swarmia App in Slack.

  • You have Swarmia Startup, Lite, Standard or Enterprise plan. In practice, you have to complete the first step Install Swarmia to GitHub in the Get Started article.
  • You have a Slack workspace and channel for your organization. You must be a Slack workspace administrator, or have permission to add apps to that Slack workspace. For more information, see the Slack Help Center.

To authorize your Slack workspace for the swarmia App

  1. Sign in to the Swarmia app and go to Slack settings.
  2. On the Slack settings page, click Connect to Slack
  3. If you're not already signed in to Slack, on the Sign in to your workspace page, enter your workspace name, and then choose Continue.

  4. On the swarmia is requesting permission to access the your-workspace-name Slack workspace page, choose Allow.

    If you can't allow Slack to access your workspace, make sure that you have permissions from your Slack administrator to add the swarmia App to the workspace.

  5. On Slack settings page, you'll now see Connected to Swarmia text. 

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