Connecting multiple GitHub organizations to Swarmia

How to see data from multiple GitHub organizations in Swarmia

You might have multiple GitHub organizations that your developers work in and would like to see the data from all of them. This article explains the different options that Swarmia has for connecting your company's multiple GitHub organizations.

Option 1: Multiple Swarmia organizations

It is possible to sign up each of the GitHub organizations as completely separate Swarmia organizations and invite specific people to each of them.

If a user with access to multiple organizations logs in to Swarmia, they can choose to which of the organizations they want to log in to. To switch organizations, the user needs to log out and back in.

This approach is a good choice when:

  • There is a need to limit access control (all users don’t belong to all GitHub organizations and shouldn’t see data from orgs that they don’t belong to).
  • People mostly don’t work across multiple GitHub organizations. If they do, this approach is not optimal, as it will be difficult to get a full picture of a person's work due to being only able view it by one organization at a time.

To use this approach, simply install the Swarmia app on each of your GitHub organizations. Then when you log in to Swarmia, you can choose which organization to log in. To invite team members to the organizations, send them the invite link that you can find on the Contributors page under Settings.

Option 2: Syncing data from multiple GitHub organizations to a single Swarmia organization

Alternatively, it is possible to sync data from multiple GitHub organizations to a single Swarmia organization, so that you can see all the data at once.

This approach is a good choice when:

  • There are no internal access control concerns. Everyone from your company will see all data from all of your connected GitHub organizations.
  • Everyone in your company has access to all connected GitHub organizations. This is also enforced by Swarmia: if a user doesn’t have access to all of the organizations, we don’t allow them to login.
  • People are working across the GitHub organizations. With this approach, you can easily see a person’s work across all the organizations.

To use this approach, as the first step, install the Swarmia app on each of your GitHub organizations. The next step of merging these multiple Swarmia organizations into one requires some manual work from our engineering team. Please reach out to us at, tell us which one of the multiple connected GitHub organizations you want to be the primary one, and then we'll be happy to set things up for you. The primary organization selection affects which Swarmia organization settings will be used for the merged organization.

Currently, it is not possible to combine data from GitHub Cloud and a GitHub Enterprise Server organizations. In this case, you should instead use Option 1.