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CI metrics

Swarmia provides you with the most important CI metrics for tracking your CI health

Why it matters

Keeping the CI fast and robust is essential for good developer experience and fast cycle times. As such, it is important to have good visibility into your CI pipeline, which is what Swarmia's CI insights aims to provide you with.

How to use it

You can start from the top level view by identifying which of your repositories have the busiest / slowest CI pipelines. Then you can drill down deeper into the repository and into the individual workflows to analyze the run time trends and which part of the workflow is slow.

When you know what is slowing you down, you can then work to improve the situation.

See the video below for an in depth walkthrough of the feature:

Where to find it

You can find batch size metrics under Insights → Code → CI insights

Metric definitions

The metrics provided by the CI insights view are defined as follows:

Total run time

This metric tells the total amount of time that the CI has spent running across the grouping of the view (repository, workflow, or job). Run time is calculated from the start of the workflow/job run to its end. Both failures and successes are included.

Run time percentiles

On the workflow and job level, we show the p50 / p70 / p90 trends of the run time.

Run time distribution

We show the distribution of the run times of the runs in the timeframe. For example, how many workflow runs had a run time between 5 to 10 minutes.

Failure rate

The percentage of runs that failed. Neutral conclusions (such as skipped or canceled) are not considered failures.