Adding Swarmia to a private Slack channel

Get updates from Swarmia Slack bot in your team's workspace

Swarmia team notifications is a great way to stay up to date with all that needs your team's attention on a day to day basis.

You can get updates in both public and private Slack channels. If your team has a public channel, you should be able to choose it in Swarmia notification settings.

If you're using a private channel instead, follow the instructions below.

❗️Please note: This makes the channel available for selection for all Swarmia users in your organization. Make sure the channel name doesn't contain any confidential information.

Step 1

Ensure the Swarmia bot is connected to your Slack workspace.

Step 2

Invite the Swarmia app to your channel. This can be done either with a direct text command, or by going through the Slack UI to add the app to the channel.

Option 1: Slack user interface

For the UI approach, find the option to Add apps to this channel by entering the following on your private channel.



Next, find the Swarmia app and Add it to your channel.


Option 2: via text command

For the text version, enter the following command in your Slack channel:

/invite @swarmia

Step 3

Refresh team notifications page. You should be able to see your channel in the list now.