🔔 Issue summaries

Celebrate success when you get work done. Get a team notification with a summary of key issue metrics like scope creep, cycle time, child issue insights and more.


How does it work?

Issue summaries help you improve the quality of plannings and retrospectives. When you complete a larger issue (an issue that includes child issues), you'll get a notification to your team's Slack channel.

What's included in the summary?

* Issue cycle time. If you have a working agreement around cycle time, the summary includes a comparison against your target.

* Scope creep: child issues added while the issue was in progress.

* Child issue that took longest to complete, and avg. completion time

* Contributions: people who have linked coding contributors to the issue

Enabling issue summaries

Go to Settings > Slack, select your team and make sure you have the right Slack channel selected. We recommend using your team's main channel for issue summaries and other important, infrequent Swarmia updates.