Changes to Swarmia's free plan in 2024

We're making changes to our free plan limits. The changes will be rolled out to organizations on the free plan in June 2024.

What's changing in the free plan?

Swarmia's free plan limit changes from 14 active contributors to 9 team members.

This limit already applies to new organizations installing Swarmia and will now be rolled out to existing organizations.

Active contributors: GitHub organization members who have created a pull request in the last 30 days.
Team members: Unique users added to your teams in Swarmia.

When will the changes take effect?

For existing organizations, the changes will take effect after an extended 28-day free trial period starting from the date you receive a notification email from us. If your organization has been on the free plan until now but no longer qualifies for it, you'll get an email from us in June 2024.

Why should I pay for Swarmia?

We know from our research and customer feedback that an annual investment in Swarmia pays off in days. This is true even if the only feature you use are our Slack notifications. 

To see how quickly your investment in Swarmia will pay off, you can calculate your return on investment.

How will I know when my free trial period starts?

You'll receive an email notifying you that your extended 28-day free trial has started. This email will include details about the change, as well as a discount code.

Can I use the discount code also for monthly billed subscriptions?

Yes, the discount code included in the email works for both for annually and monthly billed subscriptions.

Can I continue using the old free plan limits?

Unfortunately no. The old free plan limits will no longer be available after the 28-day extended trial period. All organizations will need to adapt to the new limit of 9 team members or choose a suitable paid plan.

Can I continue using the free plan even if I have more than 9 people in my GitHub organization?

Yes. The new limit applies to team members added to Swarmia rather than people in your GitHub organization.

However, please note that the free plan is intended for small startups with fewer than 9 developers in the whole organization. If that's not you but you believe you should be able to use Swarmia for free regardless, drop an email to

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Our customer support team is here to help. You can send us an email at